Be Specific

Your messaging is seen through the lens of your values, and the majority of all messaging should be specific to these values.

Ideally, the talking points below will act as a foundation for your messaging. To build on that foundation, I’d recommend thinking through stories that tie into each value, as well as additional truths related to each value.

I’d be curious to see if most of your talking points, philosophies on business, etc. tie into these values, or if there are some outliers we need to account for in your messaging.

Exemplify integrity

Integrity is the cornerstone of a good life and a successful business. Regardless of our circumstances, we keep our word. We do what’s right for clients. We refuse to take shortcuts to make a quick buck. In the end, values like honesty, transparency, and loyalty build trust between coworkers and a stronger brand in the marketplace.

Outsmart the risk

Anything worth doing comes with risk. The key is gathering data and measuring the risk against the reward. With the proper data and strategy, risks can be mitigated. It will still feel daunting, but that’s always the case when we pass the borders of our comfort to pursue a dream, invest in a business, or introduce the world to a new product.

Practice resilience

We know that risk can lead to failure, but experiencing failure firsthand is a mental, and sometimes financial, battle. It’s personal. Resilience lets us cope with failure, learn from it, recover quickly, and continue pursuing our vision. The alternative is fearing failure, which only prevents us from fulfilling our purpose in this life.

Realize your vision

Vision simplifies the complex to achieve an end goal. So we envision a future state and map the course to get there, navigating the challenges along the way. Through proper strategy and execution, seemingly random puzzle pieces connect with purpose. It may take years to achieve, but we patiently and confidently continue on course.

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